The Ultimate IPVanish Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Signing Up 2023

Key Takeaways

  • IPVanish is a widely used VPN service known for high-speed encrypted internet access and unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • The service offers a broad range of servers in over 75 countries, enabling users to bypass geographical restrictions.
  • IPVanish maintains a strict no-logs policy, ensuring user privacy and security, and provides additional features like a kill switch, private DNS servers, and split tunneling (limited to Android and Fire OS).
  • The VPN service is owned by StackPath, a US-based company, and operates under US jurisdiction, which may raise privacy concerns for some users.
  • IPVanish offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets, with a 30-day money-back guarantee on their yearly and two-year plans.

In the vast landscape of digital connectivity, privacy and security have become paramount concerns. We all want to keep our data safe, and our online activities private. As we traverse the internet, we often leave footprints that can be tracked by various entities, from marketers to cybercriminals.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an essential tool to safeguard our online activities and ensure our digital privacy.

This brings us to the subject of our focus today: IPVanish.

In this comprehensive IPVanish review, we aim to provide a detailed and objective analysis of this popular VPN service.

IPVanish has carved out a significant niche in the VPN market, boasting a wide array of features designed to increase online privacy and enhance internet security.

But how does it fare when subjected to a thorough examination? Does it live up to the hype that surrounds it?

In this IPVanish review, we’ll delve deep into the service’s strengths and weaknesses, aiming to provide you with the critical insights needed to make an informed decision.

With the increasing prevalence of data breaches and the ever-growing concern for online privacy, the demand for robust and reliable VPN services has never been higher.

Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a VPN service that not only promises to protect your privacy but also delivers on that promise. As we navigate through this IPVanish review, we’ll explore its features, performance, pricing, and support, to help you understand if it’s the right choice for your online privacy needs.

One of the standout features of IPVanish, as we’ll explore further in this review, is its network of over 2,200 servers in more than 75 countries, offering fast and encrypted internet access. We’ll also delve into other elements such as its user-friendly interface, unlimited device connections, and the level of customer support provided.

Whether you’re a seasoned VPN user or a newcomer, this IPVanish review is designed to provide a balanced viewpoint, enabling you to make an informed decision about your digital privacy.

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What is IPVanish?

IPVanish is a prominent VPN provider that’s been earning its reputation for its top-notch online privacy and high-speed encrypted internet access.

Think of it as your personal invisibility cloak, allowing you to browse the internet unseen and untraced.

Key Features

IPVanish Key Features
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High-Speed Encrypted Internet Access

One of the standout features of IPVanish is its high-speed encrypted internet access. You won’t have to sacrifice speed for security with IPVanish. Whether you’re streaming your favorite show or accessing sensitive information, IPVanish has you covered.

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

How many devices do you own? A phone, a tablet, a laptop? With IPVanish, you won’t have to choose which device gets the VPN protection. It allows unlimited simultaneous connections, which is a fantastic perk not all VPN providers offer.

IpVanish Key Features
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Wide Range of Servers

With access to over 2,200 servers in more than 75 countries, IPVanish gives you a buffet of options when it comes to choosing your digital location. This widespread access allows you to bypass geographical restrictions with ease.

No-Logs Policy

Privacy is a priority with IPVanish. They offer a no-logs policy, meaning they don’t keep track of your internet traffic or VPN connections. This ensures your browsing habits remain your business, and yours alone.

Private DNS Servers

To add an extra layer of security, IPVanish uses private DNS servers to resolve web addresses. This means your DNS lookups remain confidential and secure, providing you with that additional peace of mind.

Kill Switch Feature

Imagine a scenario where your VPN connection drops unexpectedly. That’s where the kill switch feature comes into play, disconnecting your internet to prevent any data from leaking out.

However, you’ll need to manually activate this feature, and it’s only available on some platforms.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling allows you to decide which apps or programs will connect through the VPN and which will connect directly to the internet.

This feature grants you more control over your internet traffic, potentially boosting your speeds for low-risk browsing. However, it’s important to note that this feature is only available on Android and Fire OS devices.

Pricing Plans

IPVanish offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets.

  • Monthly plans cost $11.99 each month, while yearly plans cost $53.99, and a two-year plan comes in at $79.99.
  • All plans come with all available apps, unlimited bandwidth, and 24/7 support.
  • The yearly and two-year plans also include a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you the freedom to try out the service risk-free.
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Pros and Cons

Like all VPN services, IPVanish has its strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s a quick rundown:


  • High-speed encrypted internet access
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Wide range of servers
  • No-logs policy
  • Private DNS servers
  • Split tunneling (limited to Android and Fire OS)
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for long-term plans


  • No dedicated IP address add-on
  • Kill switch feature is not automatically activated and is not available on all platforms
  • Vague no-logs policy
  • Split tunneling is only available on Android and Fire OS devices
  • The monthly pricing for its basic VPN service goes up after the first month
High-speed encrypted internet accessNo dedicated IP address add-on
24/7 customer supportNo publicly released transparency report
Connection to unlimited simultaneous devicesVague no-logs policy
Access to over 2,200 servers in more than 75 countries30-day money-back guarantee only for annual plan
User-friendly interfaceMonthly pricing goes up after the first month
Allows split tunneling and has a kill switch featureKill switch feature is not automatic and is only available on certain apps
Provides secure file storage with advanced encryption (SugarSync)Split tunneling only works on Android and Fire OS devices
Uses private DNS servers for additional security
Offers a range of pricing plans with all available apps and unlimited bandwidth

Use Cases for IPVanish

When you’re considering whether to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like IPVanish, it’s essential to think about how it will benefit you in real-life scenarios.

A VPN isn’t just a technical tool – it’s a passport to a safer and more open internet experience.

In this section of our IPVanish review, we’ll explore various scenarios where IPVanish could prove particularly beneficial.

Traveling with IPVanish

Traveling often involves connecting to public Wi-Fi at airports, hotels, or cafes, which can put your sensitive information at risk.

With IPVanish, your data is encrypted, making it nearly impossible for cybercriminals to intercept.

Whether you’re checking your bank account or sending important business emails, IPVanish ensures you can do so securely, no matter where you are in the world.

Moreover, IPVanish can help you stay connected to your home country’s internet services.

Some services restrict content based on your geographical location, but with IPVanish, you can simply select a server in your home country and continue accessing your favorite shows, local news, and other geo-restricted content.

Get IPVanish
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Public Wi-Fi Use and IPVanish

Public Wi-Fi networks are notoriously insecure, making them a playground for hackers. As part of our IPVanish review, it’s important to highlight that using IPVanish when connected to public Wi-Fi adds a crucial layer of security.

It encrypts your internet connection, keeping your online activities private and protected from prying eyes.

Whether you’re shopping online at a coffee shop or checking social media at the library, IPVanish gives you the peace of mind to browse confidently.

Streaming with IPVanish

Streaming platforms often restrict their content by region. This means that if you’re in a different country, you might not be able to access your favorite shows or movies.

This is where IPVanish shines in our review. By using IPVanish, you can choose from servers in more than 75 countries, effectively bypassing these geographical restrictions.

Whether you’re a fan of Hollywood movies, British dramas, or Japanese anime, IPVanish empowers you to enjoy the content you love, wherever you are.

In conclusion, these use cases highlight the flexibility and utility of IPVanish. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a public Wi-Fi user, or an avid streamer, IPVanish has the features and capabilities to enhance your online experience.

By incorporating a VPN like IPVanish into your digital life, you can enjoy a safer, more secure, and unrestricted internet.

Security and Privacy Deep Dive

In this segment of our IPVanish review, we’re going to take a closer look at the technical aspects of IPVanish’s security measures, encryption standards, and privacy policies.

After all, a VPN’s main goal is to ensure your online activities are private and secure, so understanding these technical details is crucial.

Encryption Standards and Protocols

As part of our IPVanish review, the first thing to note is that IPVanish employs robust AES-256 encryption, which is a military-grade standard.

This encryption level is virtually unbreakable and is the same standard used by governments and cybersecurity experts worldwide.

In terms of VPN protocols, IPVanish supports IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. The OpenVPN and IKEv2 are the most secure and fastest options, while L2TP/IPsec and PPTP provide compatibility with older devices.

This variety ensures that you can tailor your security level to your needs and device capabilities.

No-Logs Policy and Privacy

An important part of our IPVanish review is the service’s privacy policy. IPVanish has a strict no-logs policy, which means it does not store any records of your online activities. This guarantees that even if a third party requested your data, there would be nothing to hand over. This is crucial for users who prioritize online privacy.

However, it’s worth noting that IPVanish is based in the United States, which is part of the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance. This could potentially raise concerns for those requiring absolute privacy. But given IPVanish’s strict no-logs policy, this shouldn’t be a significant concern for most users.

Shield your online data with IPVanish
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Additional Security Features

In this IPVanish review, we also want to highlight some additional security features. IPVanish provides a kill switch option, which immediately disconnects your internet if the VPN connection drops, ensuring your data is never exposed.

However, it’s important to note that this feature is not automatically turned on and is only available on Android Mobile 8-plus, macOS, and Windows client apps.

Additionally, IPVanish uses its private DNS servers, adding an extra layer of privacy and security. This ensures that your DNS queries are private and secure, as they are only accessible when connected to its VPN.

In conclusion, IPVanish offers a solid suite of security features and practices that align with industry standards.

It does a commendable job of keeping your online activities secure and private.

In this IPVanish review, we can confidently say that IPVanish is a reliable choice for those seeking to enhance their online security and privacy.

Check out also their free “My IP Address Look Up Tool” below!

My IP Address Lookup Tool IPVanish
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User Experience

In this part of our IPVanish review, we delve into the realm of user experience. After all, a VPN service can have all the technical prowess in the world, but if it’s not user-friendly, it’s unlikely to be a hit with the masses.

We’ll explore the service from the perspective of a user, from setup to everyday use, to provide a more personalized take on IPVanish.

Setting Up IPVanish

IPVanish VPN
The Ultimate IPVanish Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Signing Up 2023 15

The first thing to note in this IPVanish review is the ease of setup. The process is pretty straightforward and intuitive.

After downloading the free app compatible with most operating systems, including Windows VPN, Mac VPN, Android VPN, iPhone VPN, and Chrome VPN, you’re ready to go.

The installation is quick and doesn’t require any advanced technical skills, which is a big plus for beginners.

User Interface and Navigation

Upon opening the IPVanish app, you’re greeted with a clean, simple, and easy-to-navigate user interface.

Even if you’re new to VPN services, navigating through the app is quite straightforward. Features are clearly labeled, and adjusting settings is easy.

This simplicity and clarity in design translate to a positive user experience, as noted in many IPVanish reviews.

Speed and Performance

In any VPN review, speed and performance are critical components. And this IPVanish review is no exception.

Users often praise the fast download speeds offered by IPVanish.

This high-speed performance makes IPVanish a suitable choice for activities like streaming, gaming, or simply browsing the web.

The service does a commendable job of maintaining good speeds, even when connected to servers that are geographically distant.

Customer Support

One of the standout features, according to various IPVanish reviews, is the excellent customer support.

IPVanish provides 24/7 live chat and phone support, which is a major advantage when you need help right away. Users have reported prompt responses from knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives.

In conclusion, the user experience with IPVanish, as we’ve discovered in our IPVanish review, is overwhelmingly positive.

The ease of setup, the intuitive interface, impressive speeds, and exceptional customer support all contribute to a user-friendly and efficient VPN service.

It’s evident from this IPVanish review that user satisfaction is a top priority for the company, making it a worthy contender in the VPN market.

Enhancing Your Internet Experience with IPVanish VPN

One of the most valuable assets in the digital age is privacy. The advent of the internet has transformed the world into a global village.

However, this transformation also brought about new challenges, particularly in terms of privacy and security.

This is where IPVanish VPN comes into play as an excellent solution to address these concerns.

Private Internet Access

One of the primary benefits of using a VPN is the ability to achieve private internet access.

When you use a VPN like IPVanish, your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel, keeping it hidden from prying eyes.

This means that your online activities remain private, whether you’re browsing your favorite websites, streaming videos, or checking your emails.

IPv6 Leak Protection

Another remarkable feature of IPVanish is IPv6 leak protection. An IPv6 leak can expose your location and other personal information to others, undermining the privacy benefits of a VPN.

Fortunately, IPVanish provides IPv6 leak protection, ensuring that your real IP address is never exposed, even if there’s a disruption in your VPN connection.

DNS Leak Test

DNS leaks are another potential threat to your online privacy. If a DNS leak occurs, your ISP can see the websites you visit, despite using a VPN.

IPVanish has robust mechanisms in place to prevent this from happening. It uses its own private DNS servers to handle your internet requests, keeping your activities private.

You can also perform a DNS leak test to verify the integrity of your VPN connection.

Logs Policy

Another crucial aspect of a VPN service is its logs policy.

IPVanish operates on a strict no-logs policy.

This means it doesn’t keep any records of your internet activity. This policy adds an extra layer of privacy, as it guarantees that there are no records of your online actions that could potentially be accessed by third parties.

Streaming with Prime Video

One of the exciting use cases for VPNs is bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming platforms.

For instance, Amazon Prime Video has different content libraries for different countries.

With IPVanish, you can connect to a server in a country where the content you want to watch is available. This way, you can enjoy a wider range of shows and movies on Prime Video, irrespective of your actual location.

In summary, IPVanish offers a comprehensive solution for online privacy and security. With features like private internet access, IPv6 leak protection, a strict no-logs policy, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions on platforms like Prime Video, it provides an enhanced and worry-free internet experience.

Company Background and Jurisdiction: A Closer Look at IPVanish

When you’re considering a VPN service, it’s essential to know not only about its features and performance but also about the company that operates it. In this IPVanish review, we will delve into the background and jurisdiction of the company behind IPVanish.

IPVanish is operated by a US-based company called StackPath. Since its inception, the company has been committed to providing a high-speed and secure internet experience to its users.

The fact that it is based in the United States may raise privacy concerns for some users, as US-based companies are subject to US laws, which have been criticized for their lack of data privacy protections.

However, IPVanish has consistently stated that it adheres to a strict no-logs policy, meaning they do not keep any record of their users’ online activities.

Our IPVanish review also reveals that the company has grown significantly over the years. From a small startup, it has transformed into a major player in the VPN industry, with over 2,200 servers in more than 75 countries. This growth not only shows the company’s commitment to expanding its services but also its ability to cater to a diverse range of user needs and preferences.

The jurisdiction of a VPN provider plays a crucial role in the privacy it can offer its users. In the case of IPVanish, being under US jurisdiction has its pros and cons. On the positive side, the US does not mandate data retention for VPN providers, which aligns with IPVanish’s no-logs policy.

On the downside, the US is part of the Five Eyes alliance, an intelligence-sharing group that includes several other countries. This might concern users who prioritize privacy above all else. However, because IPVanish claims not to keep logs, it theoretically has no data to share, even if requested.

In the final analysis of this IPVanish review, the jurisdiction issue is something potential users will have to consider for themselves. Some will find the company’s firm no-logs policy enough reassurance, while others might prefer a VPN provider based outside the Five Eyes alliance.

As always, it’s crucial to weigh these factors according to your individual needs and priorities. IPVanish, with its strong features and transparent policies, continues to be a strong contender in the VPN market.

Final Conclusion

In the world of VPNs, IPVanish stands out for its high-speed encrypted internet access, robust privacy features, and the ability to connect unlimited devices simultaneously.

However, it’s not without its limitations.

The lack of a dedicated IP address add-on, the limited availability of split tunneling and the kill switch feature, and the increase in monthly pricing after the first month may be deal-breakers for some users.

Ultimately, whether IPVanish is the right choice for you depends on your specific needs and priorities when it comes to online privacy and security.

Unleash the Power of Privacy with IPVanish!

Looking to surf the web with peace of mind? We can’t recommend IPVanish enough for anyone who values online privacy and freedom. This powerhouse VPN service is your golden ticket to secure, anonymous browsing.

Featuring high-speed connections, a user-friendly interface, and a no-logs policy that keeps your online activities your business, IPVanish isn’t just a VPN—it’s your personal armor in the digital world.

It doesn’t just protect your data, it empowers you to use the internet on your own terms.

So, don’t just browse—thrive with IPVanish!


  • Does IPVanish offer a free trial?

    IPVanish does not offer a free trial. However, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for their yearly and two-year plans.

  • Can I use IPVanish on multiple devices at the same time?

    Yes, IPVanish allows for unlimited simultaneous connections.

  • Does IPVanish keep logs of my internet activity?

    IPVanish operates under a no-logs policy. This means they do not track or store logs of your internet activity or VPN connections.

  • Does IPVanish have a kill switch feature?

    Yes, IPVanish does offer a kill switch feature. However, it’s not automatically activated and is only available on certain platforms.

  • What is split tunneling and does IPVanish offer this feature?

    Split tunneling is a feature that allows you to decide which apps or programs will connect through the VPN and which will connect directly to the internet. IPVanish offers this feature, but it’s only available on Android and Fire OS devices.

  • Is IPVanish compatible with all devices and operating systems?

    IPVanish is compatible with most operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Chrome. However, some features like split tunneling and the kill switch are only available on certain platforms​.

  • Does IPVanish offer a dedicated IP option?

    No, IPVanish does not offer a dedicated IP option. All users share IP addresses, which helps increase anonymity​.

  • Can I use IPVanish to access geo-restricted content?

    Yes, IPVanish has servers in over 75 countries, which can help you bypass geographical restrictions on content.

  • What is the refund policy of IPVanish?

    IPVanish offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their yearly and two-year plans. This allows you to try out the service risk-free for a month​.

  • Does IPVanish offer customer support?

    Yes, IPVanish offers 24/7 customer support through live chat and phone. This ensures that help is available whenever you need it.

  • Is IPVanish good for gaming?

    Yes, IPVanish is an excellent choice for gaming. It provides fast and stable connections that can help reduce lag and latency issues. It also allows gamers to bypass geo-restrictions on games and gaming platforms.

  • Is IPVanish safe?

    IPVanish is considered a safe VPN service. It uses strong encryption standards to secure your data, offers a no-logs policy to protect your privacy, and features like a kill switch and DNS leak protection to ensure your online activities remain private.

  • Is IPVanish free?

    No, IPVanish is not a free VPN service. They offer several subscription plans, each with different pricing. However, they do provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to try the service risk-free.

  • Can IPVanish be trusted?

    IPVanish has earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy VPN service. Their strict no-logs policy and strong encryption methods ensure user privacy and security.

    However, like with any service, it’s crucial to read their terms of service and privacy policy to understand how they manage your data.

  • Is IPVanish as good as ExpressVPN?

    Both IPVanish and ExpressVPN are high-quality VPN services, each with its own strengths.

    IPVanish allows unlimited simultaneous connections and offers a large network of servers.

    ExpressVPN is known for its high speeds and robust security features. The best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

  • Who owns IPVanish?

    IPVanish is owned by a US-based company called StackPath.

  • Is ipvanish fast?

    Yes, IPVanish is generally considered to be a fast VPN service. It operates over 2,200 servers in more than 75 countries, which allows it to provide reliable and speedy connections.

    The speed of any VPN can depend on a variety of factors, including the server’s location, the quality of your internet connection, and the level of traffic on the network.

    However, IPVanish has a reputation for maintaining high speeds across its network.

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